Virginia Tech-February 8, 2013 By Pamela O’Leary

March 15, 2013

Virginia Tech Holds its First Elect Her

On February 8th, Virginia Tech held its first Elect Her training. Unlike most college campuses nationwide that have more female enrolled undergraduates than male, the gender breakdown at Virginia Tech is approximately 60% male and 40% female. Virginia Tech has not had a female student government president in a number of years. I was inspired to meet the incredible female student leaders at Virginia Tech.

Students learned about personal branding from Melissa Farmer Richards, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Publications at Virginia Tech. Melissa shared, “Every woman needs her own checking account, Swiss army knife and sense of self. With these things she can do anything on her own.” Students also had the rare opportunity to meet a currently elected official, Blacksburg Town Council member Cecile Newcomb who emphasized the importance of finding your passion and building a track record of working on those issues.

Congratulations to Megan Lopez for winning the campaign simulation. Megan felt she won the campaign simulation for two main reasons: she talked to groups of students rather than individuals, and she was constantly talking to someone.

This Elect Her training was highlighted in the campus newspaper Collegiate Times. Jessie Meltsner, special events coordinator at the Women’s Center, told Collegiate Times, “This kind of training can give young women the tools and confidence to put themselves forward for positions that can be a springboard to wider political aspirations.”


This post was written by Elect Her facilitator Pamela O’Leary



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