University of Texas at Arlington-March 6, 2013 By Katie Shorey

March 15, 2013

The Women Mavericks of UTA

In the midst of studying for mid-terms, a group of curious and thoughtful women came out from the library and their dorm rooms to learn about why more women are needed in politics and participated in the Elect Her training at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).  This was the 4th year that UTA participated in the program and the room was buzzing with excitement.

The participants heard from two great speakers, and the lessons learned were invaluable.

Kristin Sullivan, the Assistant Vice President for Media Relations at UTA, delivered a candid session on the importance of messaging, professionalism, and strategic communications. She discussed the importance of being taken seriously, and that included appropriate attire for women as well as being prepared (mentally and physically) for an interview. Before joining UT Arlington, Kristin served as the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s education editor and Arlington newsroom manager – so her journalism background proved to be very helpful in message delivery.

The current student body president, Jennifer Fox, was also an incredible resource for the trainees. She discussed, in detail, her path to student government and offered insights to running a campaign (which made it less intimidating for the students!). Her genuine interest in being a leader and collaborating with a team was evident in her presentation and hopefully inspired others to do the same! She ended her discussion with a clear message: “I want you all to run!”

Although the campus was quiet, we conducted a campaign simulation where candidates presented their elevator speeches to each other and worked to get the most votes.  The winner of the exercise was Susanna Karth (pictured), who was advocating on behalf of commuter students and those with disabilities. Congrats, Susanna!!

All in all, the training was fun, energetic and successful. The participants all had something to share and learn, and I’m excited to hear if they file for the upcoming elections at UTA! I applaud them for taking the time to grow and challenge themselves as leaders.

This post was written by Katie Shorey, Program Director at Clifton Consulting LLC.


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