University of North Carolina, Wilmington- February 2, 2013 by Chonya Davis Johnson

March 25, 2013

 Ready, Set, Go!

In the days leading up to my visit of University of North Carolina, Wilmington (UNCW) Elect her. I reflected on all the great women that have gone before us to make their mark in America. I was ready to share my story and the importance of women running for office and being Ready to serve in leadership roles.

So, I did a “What if” talk to the attendees…. “What if.. Susan B. Anthony,” “What if… Harriett Tubman”, “What if… Sojourner Truth” and “What if countless other women had not made a choice to LEAD despite the obstacles and the stereotypes they face.”  

I was followed by guest speaker Elizabeth Redenbaugh, John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award recipient, who shared her story of acting in spite of the race relations and segregation in North Carolina school system.

In addition, Dr. Jeanne M. Persuit, Stacey Baisden, Hannah Braun, all shared the reasons our attendees should always be Ready to Speak Up, Set with core values and equipped to Go into places where women aren’t represented and stand up!!

Our UNCW winner of the Elect Her campaign simulation was Karen Orduna. She did a great job on presenting her elevator pitch. Her issue of 1st generation student retention and support resonated with the other  women in attendance. At the I encouraged the women to always think What if….. What if they were the ones America was waiting on to act… what would be their response.

After hearing the heartfelt messages of UNCW Elect Her attendees.  I have no doubt, that they will accept the call to act and be agents of change for issues all around the world. A special thank you to Dr. Michelle & her team….another one bites the dust!

This post was written by Elect her facilitator Chonya Davis Johnson.

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