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Brooke Lopez

Age: 18
Wylie, TX
YWPL 2014

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Leadership Experience

Since Running Start, I’ve felt a duty to provide a better environment for my community. I recently ran for one of two coveted spots for freshman senators in Student Government at the University of Texas at Dallas. I won my election by a vast majority. What set me apart from other opponents was my new found drive from Running Start to not only run for office but represent the younger generation. Later, a professor instructed me to conduct a research project and I focused it on increasing voter turnout. I ventured to work on political campaigns and spread the message about the necessity for young voter participation. With all of my success, I went on to run for the Wylie City Council and have a current pending seat on three different boards. I achieved all this using the tools I acquired from the program. At the age of 18, I now possess the confidence many women strive for that I found in the heart of D.C. Running Start jumpstarted my aspiration for a political career and allowed me to identify my duty to represent and serve my area.

Running Start’s Impact

Walking into my first class of college, I had no idea what to expect. I was nervous. I felt uncertain and the thought of the unknown threw me into a whirlpool of outrageous fear. However, when I grabbed the cold door handle to my 8 AM Humanities class on that dreadful day, I reminded myself of all the wonderful calming techniques I learned from Running Start. Being immersed among young women from all backgrounds frightened me in the days leading up to the program. After attending, I realized that although all of us differed as people, we all had the same goal: to make a difference. I have gained a determination and a confidence which allows me to strive for my goals no matter how nervous I feel.

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