Running Start’s Young Women’s Political Leadership Program (YWPL) introduces high school girls to the power of political leadership.

YWPL 2015 was held at Georgetown University, from July 6th – July 12th.

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The YPWL Program

On Camera Media Training

Our flagship program introduces 60 high school girls to the power of political leadership. This retreat includes workshops led by experts in the field on public speaking, networking, fundraising, on-camera media training, and advocacy. Young women candidates and elected officials speak to the girls about what it is like to run as a young woman, how to get involved on a local level, and why they feel it is important to get more women elected. The goal of the program is to encourage the girls to channel their leadership into politics.

This program has been held in Washington, DC, since 2007 and is the flagship program of Running Start.  In spring 2009, Running Start received 30,000 applications for this program and since then has expanded the program to regional programs around the country including trainings in California, New York, and Michigan. In early December 2013, Running Start also trained in Sierra Leone.

Thanks to generous donors, many participants were able to attend via scholarships. In addition to our general scholarships, The Asia Group proudly supported need-based scholarships for a select Ryan for Sign Bar2number of Asian American young women interested in political leadership. The young women who received these scholarships will help address the particular underrepresentation of Asian American women in politics. To apply, Asian American applicants answered both the general financial aid question and another essay question specific to The Asia Group Scholarship.

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