Below are a few tips on how to fundraise. These tips are geared towards young women raising funds towards their program fee for YWPL, but they are adaptable and useful for many situations.

Things to do, people to ask–how to raise your program fee:

  • Ask lots of people in your network (family, friends, mentors, neighbors) for just a small amount, whatever they’re comfortable with ($10, $25, $50). Leverage personal connections for support from people who want to see you succeed!
  • Get a neighborhood business to sponsor you. Local organizations benefit when they can advertise that they are supporting a young women who is following her dreams.
  • Ask around if there are any odd jobs in the neighborhood that you can do for a few dollars. Babysitting, dog-walking and yard work are quick, easy services that you can provide.
  • Talk with your principal or a favorite teacher to see if your high school would be interested in establishing an annual Running Start Scholarship. Partnering with Running Start lays the foundation for your school to participate in YWPL for years to come.
  • Is your birthday coming up? Instead of birthday gifts this year, ask family and friends to contribute to your Running Start fund.
  • Sell homemade snacks or drinks at a local sporting event for fans on the sidelines.
  • Host a “Dollars for Dishes” event at your house. Charge each diner a few dollars for an endless buffet of your favorite dishes.
  • Collect old ink cartridges to recycle at an office supply store. A used cartridge is worth between $1 and $20, depending on the popularity of the printer and the cost of a new one.
  • Have old CDs, movies, books, or clothes that you don’t want anymore? Get a bunch of friends together and have a yard-sale to clear the clutter and make a profit.
  • Offer discounted tutoring workshops in your favorite subject. Whether it’s painting or French, parents will hire you for a few days a week to entertain their young children.


 Sample Email


I am writing to ask for your help. I am applying to attend a conference for young women interested in political leadership. The conference is hosted by Running Start, and they will teach me public speaking, networking, fundraising, and messaging so that I can improve my skills and feel confident in my ability to lead.

Running Start is a national nonprofit nonpartisan organization that trains young women in political leadership. By attending this leadership training, I hope to learn more about the positive power of politics, and to gain skills that will help me get involved right now in creating change in my community.

The fee for the conference is $1750. If you can help me to raise the funds by donating $10, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for helping me achieve my goal!