Saturday, October 22, 2011
Barnard College, New York City
Hosted in conjunction with: The Athena Center for Leadership Studies

Want to learn what it takes to become the first Madame President? Come to Running Start’s Young Women’s Political Leadership Program: New York Edition! Learn about the importance of political leadership in this day-long workshop designed for young women in high school who display leadership potential and an interest in politics.

The workshop will emphasize hands on training and will include a panel of local young women elected officials who will share their experiences.

Some of the topics covered:
•    Why we need more young women in politics
•    Crafting your message and giving your elevator speech
•    Effective networking
•    Campaigning and fundraising 101
•    How to get involved now

You will have the opportunity to hear young women leaders, both candidates and elected officials, speak about the importance of having women in positions of political leadership.

The Young Women’s Political Leadership Program teaches participants valuable leadership skills that are transferable to future academic and professional pursuits. With the culmination of the program, you will become part of Running Start’s expansive alumni network.

Additional Information:
•    Cost to attend is $100, which includes meals.

•    CLICK HERE for our fundraising tip sheet to help raise the $100 registration fee.
•    Need-based scholarships are available.
•    Applicants must be current high school young women.
•    Participants in YWPL: New York Edition will be given a higher level of consideration if they apply to Running Start’s National Young Women’s Political Leadership Program held in Washington, DC.
•   Interested in sponsoring a young woman to attend? CLICK HERE