Emerging Young Leader Award

Angela Zhou


From November 2013 through January 15th, 2014, we asked: Are you a young woman who dreams of leading in politics? Or do you know one? After receiving almost 300 nominations of young women with demonstrated leadership ability and a passion to change the world, we’ve carefully chosen the 10 most outstanding nominees to be our semifinalists. Now it’s their turn. These 10 young women have a chance to get everyone voting so that they can become one of the 5 finalists. Our 5 finalists will be great role models for their peers, tireless advocates for the causes they care about, and leaders in all areas of their lives. Running Start will feature the finalists at our 8th Annual Women to Watch Awards in Washington, DC on April 2, 2014. The Finalists will share the stage with four high-powered women leaders who Running Start will also honor. The winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony.


Angela Zhou headshot Name: Angela Zhou
Age: 18
From: Anaheim, California
Claim to fame: Founder of the Teen Ambassadors Program for International Princess Project.

Why is Angela an Emerging Young Leader?

About Angela: Angela Zhou hails from Orange County, California. She enjoys reading poetry and writing. As a social activist, Angela believes good political leaders can help solve many of the world’s dilemmas. Angela is one of the 45 students internationally selected for the World Bachelor in Business program, for which she will complete her first year at USC, her second at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and her third at Bocconi University, earning three bachelor degrees. She hopes her studies abroad will expose her to multiple cultural policies. Angela aspires to be a political and business leader in her community.

Why Angela is an Emerging Young Leader:  Angela is an Emerging Young Leader because she believes in the power of youth in making a sustainable mark on the world. She continuously advocates for more equal representation of underrepresented populations. As a business leader, Angela financially empowers rescued women rehabilitating from the sex trafficking industry by leading young people around the world for the organization she founded, International Princess Project’s Teen Ambassadors.

She has a wealth of political experience. She was elected as the California State Senate Young Senators Program Vice President. Angela expanded the program by several hundred to engage youth in voicing their concerns. She believes in becoming an educated voter, so she learns about liberal and conservative platforms. She interned and volunteered for United States House of Representatives officials and the United Nations Girl Up Foundation. Angela combines her business and political interests by serving in business student government.

In addition to the immense amount of social work she completes outside of school, Angela is still a dedicated student. By excelling in both, Angela has been recognized by local representatives, Youth Leadership America, and the Clinton Global Initiative University. Bank of America selected her from the most competitive market to become a Student Leader. In college, Angela assists the Vice Dean of the Marshall School of Business in research. She is the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council Director of Coalitions and an Opportunity Nation Scholar. Her devotion to learning and heart for public service makes her an Emerging Young Leader.

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