Emerging Young Leader Award

Alizé Beal


From November 2013 through January 15th, 2014, we asked: Are you a young woman who dreams of leading in politics? Or do you know one? After receiving almost 300 nominations of young women with demonstrated leadership ability and a passion to change the world, we’ve carefully chosen the 10 most outstanding nominees to be our semifinalists. Now it’s their turn. These 10 young women have a chance to get everyone voting so that they can become one of the 5 finalists. Our 5 finalists will be great role models for their peers, tireless advocates for the causes they care about, and leaders in all areas of their lives. Running Start will feature the finalists at our 8th Annual Women to Watch Awards in Washington, DC on April 2, 2014. The Finalists will share the stage with four high-powered women leaders who Running Start will also honor. The winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony.

Alize Beal headshot Name: Alizé Beal
Age: 24
From: New York, New York
Claim to fame: Offered opportunity to speak at the White House to make recommendations on domestic violence.

Why is Alizé an Emerging Young Leader?

About Alizé: Alizé Beal is the Co-founder and Director of Sponsorship & Community Partnership of Y.U.N.G  Harlem (Youth Under New Guidance). Y.U.N.G Harlem is a nonprofit organization that aims to lead by example, providing positive leadership for the youth of New York City. Alizé is a young political leader working to bring change in her community as well as in the  global world. She has traveled the world (South Africa, Uganda, Japan, and Costa Rica) and is an advocate for serving the global community in any capacity. Alizé is an active member in her local Democratic club as well as community board. With her heart deeply rooted in the soil of the community, Alizé aims to serve as the youngest councilmember of District 9 in New York City.

Why Alizé is an Emerging Young Leader:  I live my life based around the theme “to whom much is given, much is expected” and that it is our duty to reach back and help someone up along our journey to greatness. I consider myself to be an ʻEmerging Young Leaderʼ because I constantly aim to have the span of my influence grow in a meaningful way. Over the past few years I have worked to add to my burgeoning list of political and philanthropic accomplishments by being active in my community through my work with my nonprofit organization, my scholarship fund, and my commitment to the political groups I support. I am dedicated to causes supporting youth and women and I am zealous in helping them attain their highest potential. I aim to create more partnerships among organizations in order to elevate their level of positive impact within the community. As an emerging leader I aspire to increase my influence by putting effort into initiatives to improve self, increase impact and influence others in the positive ways.

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