Sydney Bay

August 31, 2010

Hi! I am Sydney Arizona Bay and the sign on my bedroom door reads “President of the United States”.  Last July, I spent a week in Washington to Attend a Running Start Seminar. When I read the application which outlined the agenda, I was excited and looking forward to learning about leadership, how to run for political office, and how to develop a political profile as I want to go into politics (as you can see by the sign on my bedroom door).

Running Start covered it all.  The agenda I sign up for came alive during that week. It provided practical information such as; appropriate email names to use and introducing us to Women who now hold political office. The women politicians told us their stories and offered to be our mentors. How great a week and I love you Running Start for giving me this opportunity.

I am now student coordinator for a Political Seminar called “Campaign College” at my university which is sponsored by: the American Association of University Women, Running Start and The Women & Politics Institute at American University. The week at Running Start gave me the confidence to handle this big responsibly. This day-long seminar will train and encourage fifty women students to run for student offices. The seminar will be held in March, which is two weeks before our elections. The buzz around this seminar is very positive. I know it will be a huge success .The name Running Start is so appropriate – It has given me a ‘Running Start.’

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