Katherine Lam

August 31, 2010

I had a fantastic Star Fellowship experience in DC with Running Start. There is no comparable program for college women interested in politics that sets up an internship, weekly seminars, and housing–all to allow us to take advantage of all that DC has to offer. As someone who would like to run for public office in the future, it was refreshing to experience politics first-hand and not from a textbook. We spoke to many accomplished women who work in all sectors of politics from campaigns to media consulting. It really is inspiring to hear about all their accomplishments and work in politics as the world of politics is usually portrayed as a “man’s game.” I also enjoyed living and learning from the other six fellows from all around the country. We not only swapped stories and our dreams but ideas and a genuine sense of support for each other, and to this day, we are still keeping the Star Fellow spirit alive by keeping in touch with each other. Thanks, Running Start, for this awesome program!

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