Camille Henderson

September 8, 2010

I left the Young Women’s Leadership Retreat knowing that my desires of leadership were to someday be of use to this world. Running Start gave me the confirmation of big dreams being initiated with big action, and since then, my life has truly been enriched with the beauty of not only knowing how to implement leadership, but the essence of inspiration. In a world where one can become easily susceptible to the derogatory manner of society, Running Start has instilled hope in each and every participant. They have exposed me to a world of media, social networking, and the like. The Young Women’s Leadership Retreat is so much more than just 4 days of hands on interaction with politics; it’s the basis on which we as young women stand, confidently knowing that WE are the leaders of tomorrow.

Before my experience with Running Start, I was one who always doubted my maximum potential; always hesitant to do something because I feared that what I did wasn’t good enough to compete with those around me. It wasn’t until the retreat that I started to realize that if I was passionate about something, I could execute anything that I put my mind to, no matter what others may think.

Running Start has not only built me up, but they’ve opened another chapter to my life. I now find myself more observant of the works of politics. I find myself among women in this country who are already showing the world that they mean business. For example, Running Start’s annual Women to Watch Awards; members of Congress, women entrepreneurs, and those who had already begun to pave the way for young women preceding them, all congregated at the National Press Club…and I was there to speak publicly about my experience with Running Start! From that night alone, the name “President Henderson” started to become more of a reality than a dream. No longer could someone tell me that I wasn’t capable of doing something, or advise me to sit and remain quiet because it was the save thing to do. I found that voice that was inside me all along, and because of the Young Women’s Leadership retreat, it was amplified to the tenth power.

Running Start has helped me to achieve my goals by giving me the opportunity to confirm my destiny; that is, allowing me to me confident in my desire of leadership. My grandmother has always told me, “To whom much is given, much is required.” This retreat has given me so much and I see it fit that I am required to give just as much (if not more) back to my community. Because Running Start believed in me, I have strong belief that I will be of the chosen who will lead this world into a legacy of new beginnings.

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