Amanda Benavidez

September 8, 2010

While participating in Running Start, I was inspired by true women leaders, I learned about myself as a leader and the truly significant roles of women as political leaders in the world. I acquired a passion for politics I never knew I could have and conquered a lack of confidence in myself. Running Start made a lasting mark on me that I will always treasure. Since my boost of confidence and my ignited passion for politics, I have been tackling the obstacles and challenges that come my way during my quest to find a greater understanding of my place as a young woman making her running start in politics. I have recently been taking a leadership role in my school and community. I held a jean drive at my school, partook in a project that raises awareness of the lack of clean water in other countries and helped in other organizations that have helped me learn about my passion as a leader. This has helped me realize that I love helping others and I have the power to do that with politics. I have been utilizing the tools that Running Start has put into my hands. A chapter of Running Start has been started here at my school and is a great success. I’d like other girls to have the same great experience I did so that they too may find the emerging leader within.  Never in my life would I have imagined that this timid city girl would emerge from her shell and Running Start has left me inspired and excited about the positive changes I can promote in my community and eventually in the world.

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