2013 YWPL: California Edition

March 18, 2013

“This program motivated me as student leader because it made me realize that woman are needed in politics. …I may be a women of color and I probably will have to work twice as hard to prove myself, but in the end its worth it because I will get my voice heard and create a difference in my community.” – Esmeralda Cortez, YWPL California 2013 Alumna



On Saturday, February 9, 2013 Running Start hosted The Young Women’s Political Leadership Program at the University of Southern California. The program was held in conjunction with USC’s Unruh Institute of Politics, California Women Lead and USC’s Women’s Student Assembly. The participants learned how to craft their own message, elevator speech, network effectively, and the basics of campaigning and fundraising. We were able to follow-up with participants to learn their favorite moments in the program:


“The program definitely motivated me to continue to be a student leader on my high school campus. I try to help the girls on my soccer team to face their challenges with a positive attitude. Here and there I mention Lucy Flores’ story as an inspirational story to why they need to make sure they keep working hard on their education.” – Giselle Hernandez, YWPL California 2013 Alumna



“My favorite workshop was when we practiced fundraising because we were able to role play for a bit and at the same time practice trying to get people to donate large sums of money. I was also one of the candidates that fundraised over 20,000 imaginary dollars. “ – Marylyn Duong, YWPL 2013 Alumna


Thanks to all who were involved in this inspirational training. We can’t wait to come back for our next YWPL: California Edition!


– The Running Start Team

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