January 31, 2011

Vote for Running Start’s Susannah Wellford Shakow in

DVF’S 2011 People’s Voice Awards!

The Diane von Furstenberg Award recognizes outstanding female leaders who are helping change their communities and beyond.  Five American women have been nominated, and the finalist will win $50,000 to help advance their cause.

If Susannah and Running Start get the most votes, the $50,000 will help establish our Young Women’s Political Leadership Program in New York City.  Running Start, which was founded by Susannah in 2007, works to inspire and educate young women about running for political office.  Susannah’s goal is to ensure that all young women who leave our programs know that they have the power to lead.

Voters will be entered in a chance to win a trip to NYC, a DVF Shopping Spree, and admission to the DVF Awards at the United Nations on March 11th, 2011!

We need your vote for Susannah and Running Start! Click here to vote and for the chance to win a trip to New York City in a brand new DVF outfits, and attend the 2011 DVF Awards. We would appreciate if you would also post to Facebook and forward this message to your friends and colleagues!

Thank you!
– The Running Start Team

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