Spotlight on: Amb. Capricia Marshall and Rep. Martha Roby

April 17, 2012

Ambassador Capricia Marshall

When our Running Start high school girls hear Ambassador Capricia Marshall speak, they momentarily forget their dreams about running for office and want to follow in Capricia’s footsteps.   Now the Chief of Protocol at the U.S. State Department, she cut her political teeth in the Clinton White House, working directly with the First Lady and first daughter Chelsea Clinton.  She was later made Social Secretary, a job which entailed organizing state dinners and managing VIP personalities from Kings to rock stars.   She was the youngest women to hold this position.

As Chief of Protocol, it is Ambassador Marshall’s job to oversee all meetings between the president and foreign leaders.  It is Capricia who tells the President not to put the Chinese diplomat’s card in his back pocket (very bad form!), or what are the perfect gifts to give Prince Charles (bits and chains for his horses.)  But we are honoring Ambassador Marshall not only because of her fascinating jobs, but because all along the course of her career she has acted as a mentor to help rise up the young women coming up behind her. She is a powerful role model, and an approachable and loyal adviser to the young people that she works with.  Running Start is proud to honor her as our Trail Blazer this year!

 Representative Martha Roby

It is a little known fact that Congresswoman Roby graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Music. When you hear the Congresswoman speak this fact is not a surprise as she carries herself with a smooth grace.

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Roby returned to her roots in 2003 when she was elected to the Montgomery City Council. At age 35, Martha Roby is the youngest congresswoman in office. She took office in 2010, making history by becoming the first woman (alongside Terri Sewell) to be elected to the house from Alabama. We are excited to have this opportunity to honor Congresswoman Roby and share her story!

Please join Running Start on May 9th, at the Women to Watch Awards, to honor these amazing women. 

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