She Believed, We Believed!

May 29, 2012

Running Start is proud to celebrate an Elect Her alumna and the new Howard University Student Association Executive President, Brittney Foxhall! Running Start, in conjunction with American Association of University Women, trains female students on 30 college campuses across the country to run for student government at their schools. Having had the pleasure of sitting next to Brittney during the training at Howard University I knew from that point on that she would continue to make her mark on not only the University but the world.

Brittney Foxhall, a rising senior at Howard University, made history as of March 5, 2012 when she became the first woman elected as Howard University’s Student Association Executive President. The association has been in place for over fifty years but, until this year, had failed to have a woman take charge.  Spring semester for Brittney was fueled by dedication, hard work, and perseverance, ultimately contributing to her victory. Election season was drawn out due to run-off elections, making this already tense time period more stressful to say the least. Brittney held her head high and maintained her poise through all the long days and late nights of the election season.

Leadership was not something uncommon to Brittney. She had previously served as the Executive President for Howard University’s School of Business as well as the Director of Political and External Affairs for HUSA. With these positions under her belt and a strong desire to prove that women could also be a dominant force on the campus, she did the unthinkable, ran for President. Running under the “Believe” platform Brittney eliminated the 51-year reign of the male executive presence within the University.

Brittney proved that she was dedicated to stimulating the growth of the University. She wanted nothing more than to enhance the academic, social and political atmosphere of the university. Her platform included plans addressing the underrepresented students, the sustainability issues on campus, as well as the introduction of an added winter semester. Her plans seemed tangible and had the students in mind. Through these ideas Brittney was able to win over the hearts of the students, faculty and her 52nd HUSA administration. It is clear that this year will be filled with success.

– Kali Stewart, Running Start Intern

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