October Path to Politics: Media Training with Christine K. Jahnke

October 18, 2012

Yesterday’s Path to Politics media training session a huge success. We were thrilled to have Christine K. Jahnke, the founder and president of Positive Communications, and the author of The Well-Spoken Woman: Your Guide to Looking and Sounding Your Best join us to share her expertise.

October Path to Politics Media Training with Christine K. Jahnke

Christine K. Jahnke explains how to handle media as attendees look on.

From reminding us that nothing’s off the record, to emphasizing key strategies like how to construct and communicate an effective message, to the best ways to sit and stand without looking awkward, nervous, shy, or sloppy, Ms. Jahnke gave us a full overview, complete with example videos and a chance for us to practice those postures.

She also explained the importance of making a connection to your audience, and the key role that telling stories plays in this. Stories can also help with another effective media strategy, which is narrowing the agenda to avoid trying to say too much. When you try to include too much information, your message gets lost in a sea of words. People remember shorter, clearer points much better.

In response to attendees’ excellent questions, Ms. Jahnke gave us strategies for how to handle not knowing the answer to a question, how to balance our use of social media, and how to prep someone who is too prone to overloading their speaking with excessive information.

After this training, we’re ready to take on all future speaking events!

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