Obama-Clinton Dream Ticket No Longer a Reality

August 26, 2008

After Hillary Clinton conceded the Democratic presidential nomination to Barack Obama, the concept of a dream ticket emerged in which Clinton would serve as Vice President. This idea seemed like a good way to appease the 18 million people, according to ABC News, who stood behind Clinton during her run for the presidential nomination. However, this dream is no longer a possibility as Obama announced his choice of Senator Joe Biden from Delaware as his vice president last night. As a result, several issues have been raised. Will Obama’s choice to not choose Clinton as his Vice President cost him votes? If he had chosen Clinton, would she have been satisfied as the vice president? Would Clinton have outshined Obama during his presidency if he was elected as Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist and former campaign spokesperson for Al Gore, argued? More importantly, would Clinton and Obama have gotten along in the White House? It seems that there are a lot more questions than answers. Only time will tell if Obama made the right choice or not.


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