No Time for Coffee

March 23, 2011

Getting coffee is a typical intern activity, so when the members of my staff refused to send me to pick up the much-needed refresher I was initially confused. After all, what was the role of an intern if not to assist in every way the staff of my Congresswoman? However, in retrospect, I should have expected such a response. On the very first day, my intern coordinator stated that, as much as this internship is offered to assist my Congresswoman, it is equally in place to develop and strengthen the skills of us interns. My experiences in the office have proven the truth of that statement.  I have had numerous chances to perfect my writing skills through drafting constituent letters or letters to top policy makers in D.C. In addition, I have attended many committee hearings and gained experience setting up high profile events.

What I like most about my office is that fact that I never know what the day will bring. Every day in my office is different; I might spend the morning writing a memo on a briefing I attended, the midday watching the Prime Minister of Australia address a Joint Session of Congress from the House chamber, and the afternoon taking pictures of my Congresswoman at a press conference.  It is those moments, when I get to see my Congresswoman in action, that I love the most. Her confidence, determination, and dedication continually inspire me. Her staff is equally inspiring. They are some of the hardest working individuals that I have ever met. Each of them completes their work meticulously, yet quickly, and everything that they do is fueled by their appreciation for the Congresswoman.  Everyday, I work alongside my staff to insure that the office runs smoothly and that the Congresswoman receives the best support available.

No matter the task, the hectic pace of the office keeps me busy.

I don’t even have time to get the coffee.

– Victoria B., Spring 2011 Star Fellow

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