Kicking Off Spring With Elect Her!

March 15, 2013

Denison Elect Her

Denison University-February 2, 2013 By Tara Andrews

Despite the falling snow, nearly forty women and two men attended the second annual Elect Her Training at Denison University on February 2, 2013.  The morning began with a presentation by Nicole Ward, College and University Relations Chair for AAUW Ohio.  Attendees heard from Hannah Frank, President of the Denison Campus Governance Association, and Student Senators Sarah Amthor and Kiara Simms.  These women gave great advice pertaining to the election process and how to successfully run for a campus office.  The keynote was delivered by Columbus Board of Education Member Ramona Reyes.  Denison women are working together to encourage one another to run.  To hear more about the Denison training, click here!

Virginia Tech-February 8, 2013 By Pamela O’Leary Virginia Tech photo

This year Virginia Tech held their first ever Elect Her training on February 8th.  Unlike the majority of campuses nationwide, Virginia Tech has fewer women than men.  Students heard from Melissa Farmer Richards, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Publications at Virginia Tech and Blacksburg Town Council member Cecile Newcomb. To read more about the Virginia Tech Elect Her, click here!


University of Cincinnati-February 9, 2013 By Pamela O’Leary

On February 9th, young women came together for the third annual Elect Her training at the University of Cincinnati.  This year’s training added the topic of fundraising, making Cincinnati’s Elect Her training the first in the country to add fundraising to the curriculum.  Students heard first hand from elected officials Vice Mayor Roxanne QuUniversity of Cincinnati student leadersalls, State Representative Denise Driehaus and Judge McGee.  These women shared their insight and gave great advice to young women interested in running for office! To read more about this great training, click here!

Wright State University- February 16, 2013 By Katie Shorey

Wright State University had a successful Elect Her training on February 16th.  When the training began many of the women were unfamiliar with the process of running for student government.  As the day continued the young women’s confidence and support for one another Elect Her_Wright State logogrew.  The women heard from the current study body president as well as Carolyn Rice, who has served as Montgomery County Treasurer since her appointment in February 2007.  The students left the Elect Her training feeling more open about the idea of politics and running for office.   To read more about the training at Wright State, click here!


University of Texas at Arlington-March 6, 2013 By Katie Shorey

University of Texas at Arlington held its 4th annual Elect Her Training on March 6th, 2013.  The women were excited, energetic, and ready to jump right in to the learning process.  Students heard fromUniversity of Texas Arlington sudents practice their elevator speeches Kristin Sullivan, the Assistant Vice President for Media Relations at UTA and the current student body president, Jennifer Fox.  By the end of the training more women were considering putting their name on the upcoming ballot! To hear more about the women of UTA, click here.

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