If Senator Clinton is a Bitch then so am I

December 6, 2007

Why does the combination of being female and powerful and successful = bitch?

I am tired of people referring to Senator Clinton as a “bitch” for no other reason than the fact that she is a woman running for President of the United States of America and she is still in the lead in all of the key polls. If she was a man she would have twice as much support behind her and probably also have twice as much money in the bank. However, even with all the support that Senator Clinton does have, there is still a huge percentage of the population who like to use words such as “cold” and “calculating” to describe her, and my question for them is why?

I know this much, when I run for office, if I have the resources that she has I will not hesitate to use them to their fullest potential. Political campaigns are long, dirty affairs and someone always goes home hurt, so why not use every legal means of winning that there is? I know somewhere my grandmother is saying, Jennifer that isn’t very lady like behavior, but that is my point. Politics is not a women’s game. It is not a man’s game either. It is just the dirties game out there today, and to go out there as a woman and play with there with those boys, who think that they are so tough, you have to be TWICE as loud, raise TWICE as much money, and prove to the world that you can save this country just as well as the OWMs (Old White Men).

So yes, if by playing by the political rules, Senator Clinton is deemed to be a “bitch” by a large part of society, I guess that just makes me one too and I am okay with that.


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