Fired Up! And Ready!

November 26, 2012

From phone banking, canvassing in the blistering cold, and waiting in line to embrace the President after a rally in Virginia; election 2012 definitely reinstilled the meaning of resilience, determination, hard work, and loyalty in my life.

his year’s election certainly left a substantial mark in history. I became involved in the election last year during the Republican Primary where I was first introduced to Mitt Romney. I watched every debate and followed each primary/caucus until Romney was selected as candidate for the Republican Party.  While doing that, I was also active in President Obama’s re-election by phone banking in my dorm room, participating in heated debates, and winning the opportunity to intern at the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Working at the DNC I phone banked and canvassed to encourage citizens to register to vote.

As you can see, I was tremendously committed to the President’s re-election. I was Fired up and ready to go!

Last week, I was given the chance to volunteer on a congressional campaign in New York Sate, where I met some remarkable people. I organized the headquarters, made more phone calls, canvassed to reassure people to get out and vote, and sat in staff meetings to debrief after each days activity. The days were long and cold but after all of our hard work, the candidate won and I was beyond excited.

Map: The Washington Post

I left New York and stationed myself (alongside another intern) in the battle ground state of Virginia to help canvass. The objective was to advise people of Election Day and to make sure they get to the polls. We spent two days doing this in the blistering cold (I am not a fan of the cold weather) but it paid off at the end. If you didn’t know, we WON Virginia! (And Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and maybe Florida). I have never worked so hard on any other Presidential campaign.  When the results were announced I was in tears because I knew a lot of people that worked so hard to make that happen. I met individuals that were devoted to the cause; these people inspired and motivated me.

Having the opportunity to be in DC and volunteer in campaigns was a great experience. I already told the other interns that I am going to get involved in the midterm election. I loved the thrill from campaign. I viewed it as a sport and my team HAD to win… and we did (They’ve created a monster).

My experiences this year have been tremendous, from graduating college to being a Running Start Fellow. I am truly blessed to be where I am today (and it’s only November).

Wilsar Johnson, Star Fellow Fall 2012

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