Elect Her Training Facilitator Takes a “Snow Tour”

April 16, 2013

      Elect Her Facilitator Nancy Bocskor embarked on a winter tour to three Universities, meeting with college campus leaders and teaching the importance of leadership.  Nancy met with amazing and diverse women on the campuses of University of Minnesota, Washington & Lee University, and Northern Michigan University.   

      On February 23rd, 2013 Nancy made her first stop at the University of Minnesota.  Despite the cold and snow, more than 35 women participated in the university’s first ever Elect Her Training.  This diverse group of young women tNancy Bocskorook part in a mock election and walked away feeling more confident about running for office. 

      On March 1st, Nancy continued her tour to the Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.  Although Washington & Lee remained an all male institution until the mid 1980s, female students are working hard to make their voices heard.  Nearly 25 law students and undergrads participated in the Elect Her Training session.  Participants spoke of the need for encouragement, support, and fresh ideas.   

      Nancy’s final training took her to the frigid banks of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Northern Michigan University.  On Saturday, March 16th more than 25 women braved the cold to learn about the importance of women in politics.  Women participants had an amazing day and reported leaving with inspiration to someday run for office and the benefits of encouraging other women to run. 

      To read more about Elect Her Training’s facilitated by Nancy Bocskor, click here!


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