Bittersweet Campaign

December 3, 2012

I’ve been told before that politics and campaigns are bittersweet.  While I knew that and had experienced election losses before, this year, I had a firsthand experience. The freshman Congresswoman I am working for lost her bid for reelection. It’s difficult to think after months of campaigning and fundraising that it’s all over. After so much time, energy, and money put into one goal for so long, you then have to ask, “What’s next?” What does this mean for all the people for supported her and her staff that has worked so diligently for her for the past two years? They are just out of a job? It amazes me how seemingly replaceable a congressperson is. Though this is a part of politics, the disappointment after an election is unlike any other. What could have been done differently? Did we do all we could? Did I do everything I could?

The day after the election, the calls that came into the office where varied. Many called in to say how deeply sorry and disappointed for her loss, while other called to state how happy they were that she was being replaced. One man in particular stands out because as a regular caller he voices his opinion on issues and the Congresswoman . On that day though he called to thank the Congresswoman and her staff for all that they had done.

She ran a tough race and fought to the end. She has done great things as a Congresswoman and I’m sure she will be missed by many of her colleagues in Congress.

Emilie Regula, Star Fellow Fall 2012

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