Shelley Whelpton

As the Senior Associate for Business Development, Shelley leads the effort at The Sheridan Group to identify the organizations and projects with the most significant potential to use the levers of politics and policy to affect transformative social change. She collaborates with The Sheridan Group team to research, identify, and develop these opportunities. Shelley also provides leadership and management on emerging projects and initiatives. Shelley was the organization’s lead on the launch of the America Forward, a coalition of leading social entrepreneurs promoting greater competition and accountability in public problem solving.

Shelley brings over 15 years of experience in the areas of nonprofit leadership, communications, and advocacy to the firm. Prior to The Sheridan Group, Shelley managed AYUSA International, a nonprofit high school youth exchange program. AYUSA recruits 2,000 high school students from 80 countries around the world for a 10-month home stay. Shelley led a coalition of youth exchange programs to implement the U.S. Department of State sponsored Youth Exchange and Study Program, a post 9/11 exchange initiative with the Middle East.

Shelley has her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Williams College and holds a Masters in Education from Boston University.