Nancy Bocskor

Nancy Bocskor helps individuals and organizations raise money and win campaigns – without losing their souls, savings or sanity. Her mission, in the United States and internationally, is to teach citizens how to communicate with passion to affect change in their communities.

Her current projects include working with CLIME (the Center for Liberty in the Middle East) to launch a Women’s Online Activism Institute in the Middle East, and setting up a young women’s leadership program for the Navajo Nation called the “Window of Hope” Foundation.

She is an adjunct professor at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management where she teaches both an online and a “live” fundraising course. Nancy started her political career in the office of then-freshman Congressman Newt Gingrich. She has served as a chief of staff on Capitol Hill, as a campaign manager, as a fundraiser and as a political educator. In 1990, Nancy started The Nancy Bocskor Company, a political consulting firm specializing in training for officeholders, candidates and campaign workers, and fundraising for Members of Congress.

Nancy has taught campaign schools in all 50 states and a dozen foreign countries, and consistently receives top marks for her innovative techniques and her humorous anecdotes. Nancy was selected by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies as a “mentor” to women candidates from the Middle East, where she spent a week in Turkey training more than a dozen candidates from Jordan, Morocco and Algeria. One of her candidates was the top woman vote getter in Jordan and is now a member of the Parliament. She conducted a three-day leadership conference for women from Belarus in late 2007, and just returned from teaching 75 attendees from 22 countries at an International School of Fundraising held in England.

Nancy is a Vice President of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale, where she chairs the school’s Curriculum Committee. She is on the board for Running Start, an organization that encourages young women to run for office, and Food for Thought, an organization promoting education in Liberia and Zambia. Nancy’s work on behalf of her clients has been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and on National Public Radio. Named a “Rising Star in Politics” by Campaigns & Elections magazine, she was featured in the PBS documentary, “Vote for Me: Politics in America.” She has served as a political analyst for CNN, and has appeared on C-SPAN.

The Democracy Coach November 19th, 2007 – Translated from Die Welt (original article) Nancy Bocskor spreads democracy throughout the world…..the lively American travels from one country to the next coaching candidates on how to win elections, especially encouraging women to make it into parliament.