Anne Fabry

Anne Saunders Fabry

Anne Saunders Fabry has over 20 years of government, political and private-sector experience. She has represented client interests before the U.S. Congress, executive branch agencies and federal regulators. Drawing on her strong member-level relationships on both sides of the aisle, Ms. Fabry has implemented federal legislative strategies for private companies in the technology, defense, education, energy, transportation and financial services industries, as well as for local governments and non-profit organizations. In addition to successfully advancing policy agendas, she has years of experience helping clients identify and secure federal appropriations, authorizations and grants.

Political Work
Ms. Fabry’s government and political experience includes:

  • Serving as special assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, including assisting with high-priority constituent projects and correspondence and functioning as his political liaison to organizations such as the Democratic Leadership Council
  • Serving as project and administrative coordinator for the Progressive Policy Institute, organizing and managing its publications schedule, from editing through release, including its influential Building The Bridge: 10 Big Ideas to Transform America, and assisting with the management of significant PPI events, such as the Third Way Policy Conference at Airlie.
  • Working for the DNC Finance Division in all presidential campaigns from 1988 through 2004.
  • Serving on the Senate Women’s Network, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Business Council and a long relationship with the moderate pro-business Democratic community through active participation in the House of Representatives New Democrat Coalition’s Keystone Group and the Blue Dog Coalition.
  • Working to increase the participation of women in government and politics as a founding member of the Frontline Fund, an active supporter of the DCCC Women Lead project, and a board director of Running Start: Bringing Young Women to Politics and the nonpartisan political action committee Women Under Forty (WUFPAC).
  • Serving on the management team that organized the Convention Baseball events at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions 2004, 2008 and 2012, a popular initiative that involved securing corporate sponsorships to rent out the Major League Baseball fields for batting practice and their grounds for exploration (with former players as guides), with the net proceeds donated to local charities.

Federal Legislation and Funding Work
Ms. Fabry’s public and private-sector lobbying experience includes over 12 years as a senior government affairs advisor or director with leading Washington-based government relations firms.