Kelly Grace Gibson, Partner

Kelly Gibson

Kelly Gibson is the Managing Director at the Hamburger Company.  A political media firm, The Hamburger Company specializes in strategy and communications for political candidates and non-profit organizations.  Kelly has an eye for the authentic. Translating strategic guidance into powerful communications media. Whether it is a piece of HD footage, a great location or the newest technology for persuasion, Kelly has the skills and the network to output a product the campaign is thrilled with.   As a consultant, producer and editor Kelly works to create a campaign plan and make it come to life on TV, radio and the Internet.  Kelly has worked on many political campaigns, from City Council races to Senate races.  She has worked to develop media for environmental organizations, unions and most recently directed production on a 30-minute documentary to be aired on PBS in the spring.

When not working on developing strategic messaging Kelly spends her time on the snow.  As a born and raised Buffalonian, Kelly feels the need to be outside in the winter, so she coaches ski racing at Liberty Mountain.